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Serving all of Northern New Mexico.

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Shawn’s Chimney Sweep
and Stove Company

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Don't ya love Autumn in New Mexico?
The ambience of fall in New Mexico is always intoxicating, with the crisp air, leaves changing colors, chile festivals, harvests galore, the aromas of chiles roasting and, of course, cuddling by Piñon burning crackling fireplaces and lustrous wood burning stoves. Actually, the smell of Piñon is everywhere, it just lingers in the air. Mmmmmm aawwwe!

Shawn, a California import and New Mexican lover, relocated to Santa Fe, in 1984, after a brief visit and slight coaxing from his then wife. He has since settled in ABQ. At the time, there were not many options for professional chimney sweeps. He was also a proficient landscaper, so Shawn's was born.

For many years he did landscaping in the warm months and sweeping in the colder ones. These days he shares the work with his son, Ian and is hoping to pass on the business soon.

They have obviously diversified over the years, but make no mistake, they are passionate about cleaning chimneys and saving homeowners from devastating fires.

To read more why you should get your chimney cleaned.

Shawn and Ian concentrate on sales and installation, repairs of stoves, fireplaces and chimney cleaning now.

21 point safety inspection
(level 1 & 2),
(video inspection system)
Dangerous creosote glaze removal
Custom & Kiva fireplaces
(built from the ground up)
Masonry repairs
Chimney re-aligning
Animal removal
Pest control barriers
(racoon, bird, rodent, etc.),
Dryer vent cleaning,
Shawn's sells Quadra Fire Stoves and fireplaces, (wood-pellet-gas), Archguard fireplace inserts, Morso, Ravelli and all the installation and repairs. They also sell chimney saver water repellent (10 year warranty), chimney cap spark arresters, chimneys relined and all types of repairs.

Serving all of Northern New Mexico.

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